Guided Auger Boring

Guided Boring is powerful and versatile, able to install a variety of pipe materials, including vitrified clay, steel, PE, concrete or GRP.
Guided Boring is a cost-effective alternative to an open cut method, while also leaving surface elements unaffected.

Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling or Horizontal boring is a safe installation system for ducts, pipes, and cables where conventional open cut methods of underground drilling are not possible, or practical. Roads, railways, landscapes and settled areas remain unaffected, making this method an effective alternative. 

Jack and Bore (Pipe Jacking)

Boring provides a safe, slurry-free method of installing pipes and cable ducts. This No-Dig technique can operate from a shaft as small as 2.40mØ and causes no disruption to any surface elements. 

Guided Auger Boring • Jack & Bore • HDD Rock Drilling • Pipe Ramming

Pipe Ramming

Ramming is used to install steel sleeve pipes and casing ducts through embankments or loose ground, and is extremely versatile. It can operate from a pit or above ground level as does not require a thrust wall.